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Press releases

16.12.2021 View of Brexit deal worsens among both Leave and Remain voters, survey finds

11.01.2021. Even people who think immigration is beneficial back immigration control

10.11.2020. Brexit continues to divide Britain

06.12.2017. Voters more pessimistic about the outcome of Brexit, but have not changed their minds about what Brexit should mean

30.03.2017. I’ll have what she’s having: Scots share PM’s vision for Brexit deal

21.03.2017. Britain on Brexit: Hard on the outside but soft in the middle

07.12.2016. New research shows Leave were better at getting their vote out in the EU Referendum

16.11.2016. Voters want UK to stay in the EU single market but be able to control immigration

07.11.2016. New research uncovers the reasons why the Remain campaign failed to convince enough voters of economic case to stay in the EU

21.06.2016. NatCen EU Referendum survey confirms vote is on a knife edge

25.05.2016. Men and middle-aged most sure of Brexit implications

23.02.2016. Brits are deeply Eurosceptic, but may still vote to remain in the EU

28.01.2016. Debates about economy and immigration hold key to outcome of EU referendum campaign

02.12.2015. England ‘Leave’ vote could be overturned by rest of UK

28.10.2015. Britain feels less European than anywhere else in the EU

21.10.2015. New home for EU Referendum public opinion data launched

20.10.2015. EU referendum set to expose major social divisions, new analysis reveals



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