Analysis papers

Brexit Is Done – But What Do Voters Make Of It?

Voters have now had nearly a year to consider how well the Brexit deal that the UK government negotiated with the EU has been working out in practice. This paper examines public expectations and attitudes towards the outcome of the Brexit negotiations during the course of the Brexit process, and assesses some of the possible […]

Has Brexit been a success? The public’s perspective

This paper assesses the success, so far as public opinion is concerned, of the EU referendum held five years ago this month. Using a unique collection of NatCen Panel surveys conducted throughout the last five years, it examines first of all whether individual voters have changed their minds about Brexit and whether collectively there has […]

Was the 2019 General Election a success?

The election held on December 12th 2019 was one of the most important in British history. It was precipitated when the Liberal Democrats and the SNP agreed to support the Conservative government’s call for a general election that was intended to end a parliamentary stalemate over whether and how Brexit should proceed. The outcome – […]

Has Brexit gone off the boil? Or are the embers of Brexit still glowing?

Following the Conservatives’ success in winning the December 2019 general election, the UK left the European Union at the end of January 2020. The country is now scheduled to exit the single market and the customs union at the end of this year, by which point it is intended that an agreement will have been […]

Public Attitudes towards a No Deal Brexit

The arrival of Boris Johnson in Downing St has resulted in a marked change of tone in the debate about Brexit. The new administration has signalled that, if it is unable to secure a new Brexit deal by the scheduled date for the UK’s departure of 31 October, it will leave the EU without a […]

Just 15 Months To Go: What Scotland Is Making of Brexit

The debate about Brexit has a particular resonance north of the border. Unlike England and Wales, where a majority voted to leave the EU, Scotland voted – by 62% to 38% – in favour of remaining in the EU. This report examines whether voters […]

Has Brexit Reshaped British Politics?

Despite the apparent ambiguity of the stances on Brexit adopted by the Conservatives and Labour, this report by John Curtice shows that voters’ views about Brexit did influence how people voted in the 2017 election – with implications for the values that were reflected in how people voted.

Does Scotland want a different kind of Brexit?

What kind of Brexit would voters in Scotland actually like to see? This new report by John Curtice provides the first in-depth examination of attitudes in Scotland towards a number of the issues that will have to be settled during the Brexit negotiations.

Hard – but not too hard: Much more on what voters want from Brexit

This new report by John Curtice assesses what ‘the people’ are hoping will emerge from the Brexit negotiations. We first reported on this issue last November, and this new report follows this work up with the findings of a second round of interviews that were conducted in recent weeks.

Understanding the Leave vote

What were the ‘real’ reasons behind the Brexit vote? The purpose of this report is to provide a high-level overview of the main findings from an analysis of the latest and highest quality data. We hope that it will stimulate debate, discussion and further research.

What do voters want from Brexit?

This paper reports on how a representative sample of voters responded to a wide range of questions on what they would like to be included in agreements negotiated between the UK and the EU.

The economics of Brexit in voters’ eyes

Or, Why the remain campaign failed.
This paper analyses what influenced people’s attitudes in the EU referendum towards the economic arguments for and against EU membership and considers the implications for the ensuing debate about the terms on which the UK should seek to leave.