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The Brexit Vote: Right or Wrong?

Is the UK’s decision to leave right or wrong?

What should Brexit mean?

Views on the UK’s future relationship with the EU

The Brexit process

Perceptions of how well Brexit is being handled

Brexit and the Unity of the UK

The implications of Brexit for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Perceived consequences of leaving the EU

What do people think would happen if they left the EU?

The economic debate

Attitudes towards the economic consequences of being in or out of the EU
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Migration and freedom of movement

Attitudes towards migration, the freedom of movement provisions and related policies. This section also covers attitudes towards the immigration policy that the UK should adopt now that it has left the EU, including data collected by the Future of Britain project.

Nationality, identity and culture

National identity, feelings towards Europe, and perceptions of the cultural impact of EU membership
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Does the EU work?

Perceptions of the performance of the EU and its institutions

EU membership: good or bad deal?

Is being in the EU thought to be beneficial or not?
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What should the EU do?

Attitudes towards how power and responsibility should be divided between the EU and its member states
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Sources of persuasion

Whose views on the EU do people trust?

Attitudes towards topical events

Opinions about recent events from across Europe that might affect attitudes to the EU
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Currency and business regulation

Attitudes towards the euro and the EU’s regulation of business and employment
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The EU Referendum

How people plan to vote and how they think the referendum should be run
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The renegotiations

Views on the renegotiations of Britain’s membership of the EU
  • Photo credit: The Brexit process - European Council President (Flickr)
  • Photo credit: The renegotiations - German Embassy London (Flickr)