Nationality, identity and culture

Whether or not people want to be part of the EU could well turn on how European they feel themselves to be. They would seem more likely to want to be part of the EU if they feel a strong sense of European identity, and perhaps especially so if they also do not identify strongly with their own nationality. Meanwhile, we might wonder whether the existence of the EU, and its attempts to foster a common European citizenship, has served to make more people feel European. Or perhaps voters feel that the work and policies of the EU is serving to undermine a distinctive culture that they feel is consequently under threat.

This section includes questions on whether people identify themselves as ‘European’ or whether they prefer to identify with a particular nationality. It also includes perceptions of what impact the EU is having on their local and/or national culture and values.

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Have the Politicians Delivered? Voters’ Judgement on The Brexit Process

26 March 2019

The UK has decided to leave the EU, thanks to a vote in a referendum held in June 2016 in which 52% backed leaving, while only 48% said that they wanted to remain. During the last two years, the UK and the EU have endeavoured to give effect to that vote. To date, they have […]

The Emotional Legacy Of Brexit: How Britain Has Become A Country Of ‘Remainers’ And ‘Leavers’

22 October 2018

It has long been evident that these days relatively few voters feel strongly attached to a political party. But it has been suggested that, in the wake of the EU referendum, many people regard themselves as either a strong ‘Remainer’ or a strong ‘Leaver’. Using data from the most recent wave of questions about Brexit […]

How deeply does Britain’s Euroscepticism run?

23 February 2016

This paper addresses the question of what lies behind our attitudes towards Europe, using newly published data from the latest British Social Attitudes survey.

Disunited kingdom? Attitudes to the EU across the UK

2 December 2015

This paper examines the nature and scale of differences in support for the European Union across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Do we feel European and does it matter?

28 October 2015

This analysis paper examines the likely significance of European identity in the debate about Britain’s membership of the European Union.

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