Event Documents

Briefing Documents

We have prepared a summary of the three topics that will be discussed over the weekend: Migration to the UK; Food Policy & Regulation; and Consumer Regulation. We kindly ask that you read the Topic Summary in full. We also encourage you to read the full briefing documents for each topic, which provide additional detail on the arguments for and against each policy option.


The Future of Britain after Brexit: Summary [PDF, 376Kb]


Migration to the UK: Summary (Topic 1) [PDF, 323Kb]


Food Policy / Regulation: Summary (Topic 2) [PDF, 271Kb]


Consumer Regulation: Summary (Topic 3) [PDF, 226Kb]

Guide to Zoom

We have also prepared a guide which explains how to use Zoom, the video calling software that you will be using to join the event.

Natcen’s Guide to Zoom [PDF, 346Kb]