Sources of persuasion

In the months leading up to the EU Referendum, politicians, campaigners, newspapers and many others tried to persuade voters to choose to ‘remain’ or ‘leave’. Now that the UK has voted to leave the EU, there will be claim and counterclaim about how good or bad a deal the UK or the EU appears to be getting. But which sources of information do people most trust as they try to ascertain the merits of the various arguments being put before them?

This section features questions on which individuals and sources of information people rely to find out about the EU, and whose opinions about the Brexit process they most trust. It includes people’s judgements of non-political figures such as celebrities and sports stars as well as more conventional sources such as politicians and parties.

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The economics of Brexit in voters’ eyes

7 November 2016

Or, Why the remain campaign failed.
This paper analyses what influenced people’s attitudes in the EU referendum towards the economic arguments for and against EU membership and considers the implications for the ensuing debate about the terms on which the UK should seek to leave.

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