The economics of Brexit in voters’ eyes

Or, Why the Remain Campaign Failed

The centrepiece of the Remain campaign in the EU referendum was that Britain’s economy would suffer if the country voted to Leave.

Yet in the event that is precisely what a majority voted to do. So why did the Remain side’s economic arguments prove insufficient?

In this paper we assess some of the possible influences on people’s attitudes towards the economic consequences of leaving the EU.

Were those who are subjectively or objectively less well-off at present less likely to reckon that exiting the EU would do much harm?

Were voters doubtful about the credibility of those who were advocating the Remain side’s economic case?

Or were voters simply unwilling to consider the conomic arguments about remaining in or leaving the EU separately from their concerns about the impact of membership on immigration and identity?

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The Economics of Brexit in Voters’ Eyes (or, Why the Remain Campaign Failed)