What do voters want from Brexit?

This paper presents the results of an exercise designed to help fill the gap in our knowledge of public opinion on what Brexit should mean. We report on how a representative sample of voters responded between mid-September and mid-October to a wide range of questions on what they would like to be included in the agreements that will now have to be negotiated between the UK and the EU.


  • Nine in ten people would like free trade with EU countries to continue.


  • But at the same time, as many as seven in ten (70%) think the UK should be able to limit the number of people from the EU who come here to live and work, including 55% of people who voted
    to remain in the EU.


  • The public is split over whether Britain should accept freedom of movement of people
    in exchange for free trade with EU countries.


  • This split is even clearer when we look at those who voted to remain in the EU and those who voted to leave.



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What do voters want from Brexit?

Appendix: What do voters want from Brexit?