Are voters happy with the Brexit deal?

Posted on 8 January 2021 by Ian Montagu

Sir John Curtice, Ian Montagu, and Claire Elliott look at how the Brexit deal reached between the UK and the EU stacks up against public expectations, and whether Remain voters or Leave supporters might be happier with the result. They also examine Labour’s stance on the agreement and what this might mean for their future electoral prospects, and discuss John’s latest work on what people want from post-Brexit public policy in the UK.

By Ian Montagu

Ian Montagu is a doctoral student at the University of Strathclyde and was previously a Senior Researcher at ScotCen Social Research. Ian has a particular interest in political attitudes and social equality, and is currently researching associations between attitudes towards the European Union and other areas of public policy.

9 thoughts on “Are voters happy with the Brexit deal?

  1. Podcasts are an inefficient means of communication! I can “fast scan” the written word and then focus on what grabs my attention. I can also scan back and forward efficiently through text, guided by clues in what I see. Impossible with a soundtrack.

    You have lost an interested participant, because I don’t have the time to waste listening to something I could absorb more easily! Report

  2. I feel that the notion of sovereignty advocated by ultra-Brexit supporters will become a marginal issue in relation to the economy and business interests. On regulation the EU will want British concessions for changes to import & export bureaucracy. It’s too early to make a projection on immigration countrols. Surrfice to say reduction of EU citizens will have to found elsewhere.

  3. Not happy looks like a bad deal for business and the people.what was the point we’ve lost our freedom to travel and study .Crazy.Report

  4. NO not at all happy. I voted remain as did my husband (we are incidentally elderly 80 and 84 now). The whole campaign was based on lies and misinformation and vague promises none of which has been fulfilled.Report

  5. Yes , the best we could have got. The admin will sort itself, Fishing will be controlled in our waters by us in five and a half years. We control our borders, Make our own laws and can trade freely around the world, of course it could always have been better, but ok for now.
    I speak as a remain voterReport

  6. It was a substantial achievement for Boris to bring back a No Tariff/No Quotas deal.
    He has received surprisingly limited public acclaim, partly because it was achieved
    just before Chrismas, with few political TV programmes active. Also because Labour
    were able to deflect attention with their endless complaints of ‘too slow,’ or ‘too quick, giving
    insufficient notice’, ‘lack of clarity’, ‘Dominic Cummings’ etc… on the COVID situation.
    Compared with the major fact that Boris achieved such a deal, rather than No Deal,
    the precise percentages on mackerel fishing are of little importance. Report

  7. Yup. Ecstatic
    Hasn’t stopped the BBC spewing out anti Brexit bile though

    The ERG are satisfied. Which means “we” are satisfied. Report

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